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Exclusive Car Tours Across Italy

Treat yourself to the Italy vacation of your dreams, and leave the stress of planning and driving to me!

Italy's iconic capital cities, charming Medieval hill towns, breathtaking stretches of coast: there is so much to see in the Bel Paese, and it can be a hassle to organize the transportation and accommodations. Let me take care of your logistics and plan the perfect Italian vacation based on your interests and travel style, and drive you in comfort every step of the way.

I organize tours of a week or more to the most unforgettable destinations in Italy.

Giovanni Guidone

Giovanni Guidone

Your "guardian angel"

My years of experience in tourism means that I know all of Italy like the back of my hand, and can use that insider knowledge to help you plan your trip of a lifetime! Just let me know what you would like to see and your travel style and pace, and I can suggest an itinerary and even help you choose hotels. I will drive you personally throughout your tour, taking the stress of transportation and logistics out of your day. More than just your driver, I am your "guardian angel" during your tour!

Italy is easy to travel by car. Between Milan and Rome, the two most important cities, it takes just 5 hours by highway. If you want to travel the entire length of Italy from north to south, the trip lasts a bit more than 10 hours. In many areas, it is hard to navigate without a car, for example the wine country of Tuscany or the fishing villages along the Amalfi Coast.

I take care of all the navigating and driving, so you can concentrate on enjoying the beauty of Italy.

Contact me and let me know what you would like to see in Italy, what you have always dreamed of doing, and what is your ideal travel pace. I will suggest an itinerary that we can modify and personalize according to your interests, and even hotels to book.

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Let me know what you would like to see, your interests (food and wine, archaeology, art and culture, etc.) and if you have any special requests.

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